Sunday, 22 November 2009

Argh! It's been a week already..

Ok, nearly a week.. It's been quite a busy one, so that's my excuse for not studying / blogging much. Here's an update on what's happened this week;

  • I've watched two and a half of my CCNP Bootcamp CoD videos.. An introduction to ISCW and ONT, Basic Teleworker Services, and half of an MPLS Overview.
  • The Lab Workbook has now been updated to include ISCW and ONT, which is nice. See here
  • I've gone ahead and ordered a NM-4A/S and 2 x WIC-1T to put into a 2611 (that belongs to a friend) and use as my Frame-Relay switch. I have a 2610XM that is not being used, but I still need 2 x serial connections to use it as R5. I may end up purchasing a router that comes with a WIC-2T to use as R5, and then if my friend ever wants their 2611 back, I shouldn't be short. The problem is i've already spent a huge amount of money on my study in the last 2 months, and Christmas is around the corner, so i'm a little anxious about spending more just yet..
  • We've had a shuffle round at work, so i'm hoping to get a bit more 'discreet' studying done! (maybe even a few runs of CoD videos)

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