Monday, 16 November 2009

Internetwork Expert CCNP Bootcamp Class-on-Demand, first impressions

Just finished watching the first two parts of ISCW videos, which is Day 1 of the 2nd Week of the Bootcamp.. ;) Yes, i'm not planning on going through the videos in the recorded order, as i'd like to get ISCW exam done first. My logic being, that i've (fairly) recently completed my CCNA:Sec exam, and there's a large amount of overlap between that and ISCW.

The first impression is that the videos are very good. I was a little concerned by the free videos available that I watched before purchasing, not because of the content, but because of the quality. I was a little worried about how INE would deliver their proper content (the free stuff is on YouTube), but it has turned out very well. You can see the instructor's screen, any questions that were asked by the people taking the class live, and links to the related documentation. You can also actually click on the links in the slides/videos which then opens up a new browser window <- very clever as it's something I don't think can be done with normal video hosting.

The Lab Workbook is a little unfinished - as of today only listing BCMSN and BCSI, but i'm sure ISCW and ONT will turn up.

I'm still not decided how I will continue with my studies. I'll definitely be watching the INE videos, but i'm not sure how I will integrate these with my CiscoPress reading etc. The INE Lab Workbook also uses a slightly different set of equipment to the CiscoPress Lab Portfolio (one more router and a Frame Relay switch), so I may have to look at purchasing those.. After Christmas I think! :)

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