Monday, 23 November 2009

Lab update

I've had to move my lab this weekend (it has to make way for the Christmas tree!), so I decided to re-cable it to the INE CCNP Bootcamp topology. I've also ordered the final(ish) bits of kit that I need to complete it all - 2x WIC-1T and another NM-4A/S/

The lab now (once outstanding orders arrive) consists of;

R1 - 2610xm w/ WIC-2T
R2 - 2610xm w/ 2x WIC-1T
R3 - 2610xm w/ NM-4A/S
R4 - 1841 w/ WIC-2T
R5 - 2611xm w/2x WIC-1T
FR switch - 2611 w/ NM-4A/S, 2x WIC-1T

I'm just going through them all now to configure with a 'Management' address so I can always telnet to each device (I don't have an Access-server)

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