Sunday, 1 November 2009


Hello, and welcome to Make yourself at home.

I guess this first post should introduce myself, and explain a litte about what is all about. Well, for about 4 years now I have worked in I.T. and about 2 years ago I passed my first Cisco networking certification - the CCNA.

Technology has always interested in me, and it was actually by pure chance that I ended up working in the field of networking. But since I first started to understand what was going on, i've wanted to learn more.

The 'holy grail' for Cisco networking engineers is the CCIE or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. This includes a written exam, and what started out as a 2-day lab exam. The Lab has changed a lot over the years, became a single 8.5 hour day, and as of 19th Oct. 2009 includes a 2-hour 'Troubleshooting' section, leaving the actual config down to 6.5 hours.

I'd like to think that i'll get there one day..

At the moment my record stands at;

CCNA - Passed
CCDA - Failed :(
CCNA:Security - Passed
CCVP: CVoice - Failed :(

I am in two minds as whether to take another crack at the CVoice exam (I only narrowly failed), or to start with the CCNP. Over the last couple of weeks i've built up a lab that should see me through most of the CCNP, but as usual the problem will be the time constraints of having a full-time job, a girlfriend, moving house.. Plus there's the expected announcement from Cisco that the CCNP track will be changing soon.

But anyway, stay tuned for irregular posts on Cisco networking and my travels through the certification world..

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