Thursday, 5 November 2009

Woohoo! Lab is (pretty much) complete!!

I picked up my 2611xm from my parents, along with my 4 SS-DB60 cables, so my Lab for the ISCW now consists of;

1 x 1841 w/ 2x WIC-1T
1 x 2611xm w/ 2x WIC-1T
1 x 2610xm w/ 2x WIC-2T
1 x 2610xm w/ 2x WIC-1T
1 x 2950 12-port

The ISCW Lab Portfolio is actually based on 4 x 2811 routers, which are obviously really expensive! 2811's have 2xFE ports, whereas my 2610xm's only have the 1.. I'm hoping this won't be too much of an issue, but i'm also tempted to buy a pair of 2621xm's that i've seen on eBay as I intend on carrying on with the CCIE in the future.

I quickly ran through a basic lab on configuring a GRE tunnel and setting up EIGRP, nice and easy! Will probably run through it again, and actually read the notes that go along with it..

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