Monday, 21 December 2009

Losing track of time..

Ok, so it seems like ages since I last blogged (which it is!).. Sadly, not a lot has happened study-wise in the last few weeks.. Christmas is coming, and there is illness in both my and my girlfriend's families, so i've not had much time to myself.

Today, however, I have actually managed to set up Dynamips properly on my MacBook! I'm currently snowed-in at my parents house (therefore no access to my real lab) and decided to give Dynamips another chance!

I have to say, I am pleased that it is now working correctly. I tried in the past to get it all working, but something somewhere obviously wasn't right, as i'd get obscure messages and routers would not boot. It may have something to do with me trying to use 2600 images, and now i'm using 3700's..

Anyway, I am able to boot all 6 routers, 4 'switches' and 3 BB routers from the INE Dynamips topology! Of course, having the devices running, and having the devices actually running BGP etc etc are different things, but *fingers crossed*!!

Things that may be of interest to any other potential Dynamips users;

An error about '206-unable to create UDP NIO' from the Dynamips console can be resolved by adding 'udp = 50000' under the '[localhost:7200]' line in your .net file. If you have more than one instance of Dynamips running, increase the udp statements by 1000 for each.

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