Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Gmail SPAM

I checked my emails this morning (as usual), and received a copy of a number of emails from myself to everyone in my Gmail contacts list.. (the Mail client on Mac OS X downloads your Sent items, if an email has been sent from Browser access, rather than itself)

A bit perturbed, I quickly ran a virus check on my machine - nothing wrong there.

I logged in to, to see if there were any warnings about mis-use of my account - nothing.

I then googled 'gmail spam', and checked the News results, where I found this article from the Guardian -

This shows how to check your recent account activity online, so I did -

Seems someone has accessed my Gmail account from Romania at 04:40 this morning (exactly the same time as the spam emails were sent)

I wonder whether Hotmail has a similar facility, as a number of my Hotmail contacts have been sending similar spam recently..

Also, I have to wonder what Google considers 'abnormal activity', as my account is set-up to warn me of such things!

Needless to say, i've now doubled the length of my password!!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Setting up Tumblr with Custom Domain

A friend recently introduced me to Tumblr.. It's kind of like Twitter, but without the 140 character limit, and you can also post videos/photos etc.

As my preferred * domain name had already been taken, I decided to point my account at my own * domain.

This can be done fairly easily.

From your Tumblr dashboard, select Customize for the blog that you'd like to edit.

In the top-left, select 'Info'

At the bottom of that drop-down, select 'Use a custom domain name', and enter your chosen domain.

Now, you just need to create an A record on your DNS server to point to Tumblr's IP address.

And Bob's your uncle.

P.S. If I get round to it, i'll add screenshots and detail how to set up the A record for GoDaddy hosted domains.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

ITDualism is giving away Cisco Press' new ROUTE Cert Kit!

IT Dualism is a relatively new addition to my regular blog reading list. I can't remember how I found the blog, but it's an interesting read, and the author has a similar goal to myself (i.e. get CCNP using the current exams == before 31st July 2010)

The author has also been fortunate enough to receive a copy of Cisco Press' new ROUTE Cert Kit to give away -

ISCW- Done!

Passed my ISCW (642-825) on February 25th!

That's renewed my CCNA and CCNA:Security for another 3 years. Now time to crack on and get my BCMSN, BSCI and ONT out of the way before 31st July..