Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Gmail SPAM

I checked my emails this morning (as usual), and received a copy of a number of emails from myself to everyone in my Gmail contacts list.. (the Mail client on Mac OS X downloads your Sent items, if an email has been sent from Browser access, rather than itself)

A bit perturbed, I quickly ran a virus check on my machine - nothing wrong there.

I logged in to, to see if there were any warnings about mis-use of my account - nothing.

I then googled 'gmail spam', and checked the News results, where I found this article from the Guardian -

This shows how to check your recent account activity online, so I did -

Seems someone has accessed my Gmail account from Romania at 04:40 this morning (exactly the same time as the spam emails were sent)

I wonder whether Hotmail has a similar facility, as a number of my Hotmail contacts have been sending similar spam recently..

Also, I have to wonder what Google considers 'abnormal activity', as my account is set-up to warn me of such things!

Needless to say, i've now doubled the length of my password!!

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