Monday, 29 March 2010

Setting up Tumblr with Custom Domain

A friend recently introduced me to Tumblr.. It's kind of like Twitter, but without the 140 character limit, and you can also post videos/photos etc.

As my preferred * domain name had already been taken, I decided to point my account at my own * domain.

This can be done fairly easily.

From your Tumblr dashboard, select Customize for the blog that you'd like to edit.

In the top-left, select 'Info'

At the bottom of that drop-down, select 'Use a custom domain name', and enter your chosen domain.

Now, you just need to create an A record on your DNS server to point to Tumblr's IP address.

And Bob's your uncle.

P.S. If I get round to it, i'll add screenshots and detail how to set up the A record for GoDaddy hosted domains.

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