Monday, 23 August 2010

INE MPLS Class-on-Demand

So as I said earlier, i've purchased INE's new MPLS Class-on-Demand.

I've had the chance to go through the first two lessons, and so far i'm very impressed! The course is split into 20-30 minute sections, which is very useful as I try to fit some training in before work, and with their CCNP CoD (the previous generation ISCW/BCMSN/BSCI/ONT version) some of the lessons were sometimes awkward 40 minute chunks.. But now I can easily fit one section in, possibly two.

To go along with the video, there's also the PDF slides. As i've now become a dab-hand at setting up Dynamips, i've created a .net file for the first topology that gets used;

autostart = False
udp = 50000

workingdir = /Applications/Dynagen/Working/INE_MPLS

image = /Users/123and6/Documents/Dynagen/Images/c3725.image
ram = 128
disk0 = 16
disk1 = 0
mmap = True
ghostios = True
sparsemem = True
idlepc = 0x60ba3a88
autostart = False

[[Router R1]]
model = 3725
console = 2001
F0/0 = R2 F0/0
S0/0 = R8 S0/0
cnfg = /Users/123and6/Documents/Dynagen/Labs/startup_configs/INE_MPLS_R1.txt

[[Router R2]]
model = 3725
console = 2002
F0/1 = R3 F0/1
cnfg = /Users/123and6/Documents/Dynagen/Labs/startup_configs/INE_MPLS_R2.txt

[[Router R3]]
model = 3725
console = 2003
F0/0 = R4 F0/0
cnfg = /Users/123and6/Documents/Dynagen/Labs/startup_configs/INE_MPLS_R3.txt

[[Router R4]]
model = 3725
console = 2004
F0/1 = R5 F0/1
cnfg = /Users/123and6/Documents/Dynagen/Labs/startup_configs/INE_MPLS_R4.txt

[[Router R5]]
model = 3725
console = 2005
F0/0 = R6 F0/0
cnfg = /Users/123and6/Documents/Dynagen/Labs/startup_configs/INE_MPLS_R5.txt

[[Router R6]]
model = 3725
console = 2006
F0/1 = R7 F0/1
cnfg = /Users/123and6/Documents/Dynagen/Labs/startup_configs/INE_MPLS_R6.txt

[[Router R7]]
model = 3725
console = 2007
F0/0 = R8 F0/0
cnfg = /Users/123and6/Documents/Dynagen/Labs/startup_configs/INE_MPLS_R7.txt

[[Router R8]]
model = 3725
console = 2008
cnfg = /Users/123and6/Documents/Dynagen/Labs/startup_configs/INE_MPLS_R8.txt

I'll try and find an easy way of updating my starting configs..

Thursday, 19 August 2010

MPLS Class-on-Demand

Woohoo! I purchased INE's MPLS Class-on-Demand at the weekend.

This course was only recorded LIVE last week (11th-13th August) but is now available on-demand!

Their BGP course starts next Wednesday (25th-27th), which I won't be able attend live, but have also purchased.

Looking very good so far! :)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I had an idea today.. Here's the scenario, we have a number of "Extranet" sites that have limited access to our Corporate Network, and we have a number of people from HQ who visit these sites and would like full access to the Corporate Network..

I was wondering whether it would be possible to set something up with dot1x authentication and a "secondary" range of addresses. Thereby, if an Extranet client connects they are given an address from IP range A, and have limited access to the CN, but if a CN client connects, they obtain an address from IP range B, and have complete access the CN..

The routing / firewall side of things is no problem at all, I just need to read up on the technology whose name escapes me..

We have the technology, we can build this..

PS, BGP labs are in progress, but i've not got round to posting them yet!!

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Monday, 9 August 2010


Reading through Routing TCP/IP Vol II, I skipped ahead a few pages and got to the (good) bits where configuration is explained and there are case-studies.

To make sink-in more, i've created .net files for Dynamips, in order to go through the exercises as in the book.

I'll try and get them posted up here somehow..

Edit.. Here's a diagram (drawn in GNS3) of the Basic BGP Configuration setup from Routing TCP/IP Vol II

Thursday, 5 August 2010

CCIP - BGP update

Of my list from Monday, I have now read all the chapters from the CCNP BSCI ECG. Just the once though, and I didn't take any notes.. Next step is to read them again, make some notes and lab-up a few of the commands etc.

In other news, I have started a Safari Books Online subscription, so I can now add the following to my reading-list;

Although this is quite an old (2000) book, it is on the recommended reading-list for the BGP Exam, and i've seen comments from a number of people saying it's their favourite technical book (EVAR!!!)

Also in other news, i've noticed a few Blogger sites with 'Pages' (like I mentioned about WordPress here), so i'll have to look into that and see what I can do.

Monday, 2 August 2010

CCIP - BGP materials

I'm struggling to find the motivation to actually start my CCIP studies, so have decided to make a list of all the resources I have available to me, in an attempt to allocate time and establish a timetable.. Here goes;

  • ..and i'm supposed to be going on the Cisco Learning Partner course through work, but i'm yet to believe that it will definitely happen..

So i've got a wide selection of Video training, books and hands-on exercises to get on with! Watch this space to see how I get on!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

CCNP - 2 weeks on..

I've been a fully-fledged CCNP for a little over 2 weeks (although my Certificate etc. hasn't actually arrived as yet), and here are a few thoughts;

  • I'd heard someone say before (apologies, but I can't remember where exactly) that the reason they had gone for their CCIE was because completing the CCNP was a little anti-climactic, and I can see where they're coming from.. I don't know what I was expecting, but now that it's over, I feel a little bit "meh, now what?"..
  • Whereas i'd been thinking about going on to the CCDA and then CCDP next, as two more exams means two more complete certifications, i'm finding it a struggle to just sit and read through the material. I'd much rather continue working on actual configuration exercises etc.
  • Trying to make up over 20 Cat5 cables Monday evening, I very soon lost interest.. After the first one in fact, as the pins obviously weren't making enough contact with the cable! Not good, as I wanted to get them all made in one evening, so I could start my INE Vol I Workbook!
In other news, i'm pondering moving the site over to WordPress. I've noticed a number of the blogs i'm following (which will be listed in a future update) are using WordPress, and it has a number of useful features; for example the widgets that let you track which country people are viewing from, proper Pages that are static and can be updated rather than normal Blog entries. Watch this space..