Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cisco IOS Cookbook

I stumbled across O'Reilly's Cisco IOS Cookbook on SafariBooks the other night, and after a quick look at the preview, added it to my Bookshelf.

The book takes a particular technology of selection of technologies, and goes through each one step-by-step, in a 'Problem - You want to configure basic Frame-mode MPLS - Solution - ...' kind of way. The 'Problems' are clearly defined, and as well as giving you the complete config in one section, it then goes through each line separately. I'm looking forward to getting round to the sections on SNMP, TACACS etc, as I feel these are the technologies that suit this clear 'Problem / Solution' approach.

What i've read so far has been really good, i've downloaded the Chapters on MPLS and BGP to have on my iPad as i'm going through my INE CoD.

Speaking of which, i'm nearly at the end of the MPLS CoD now, as i'm on video 22 of 30(ish). It's still very impressive, and we're now moving onto the more exciting elements of MPLS, such as overlapping VPNs and shared services.

My plan next is to work through some scenarios, either made up by myself or from whatever resources I can find. There is an MPLS section of the INE Vol I workbook that i've got setup in Dynamips, but not had much chance to go through properly yet.

Oh, and going back to my Idea from a few weeks ago.. I've managed to get a Radius server running, so i'll try and get to that at some point in the not too distant future!

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