Thursday, 2 September 2010

MPLS - INE MPLS Class-on-Demand

As INE's MPLS CoD came out before their BGP CoD, and as i'm still supposed to be attending a real-life class on BGP, i've cracked on working through the MPLS vids.

Up to 9 of 30 now, and I really like the format. We've not actually seen how to configure anything yet, but gone through the theory of the different LIB, LFIB, and CEF tables, what the Labels consist of, how they're generated and distributed. And everything is backed up with a 'live' demo on equipment, so i've collated a short list of useful 'show' commands that i'd not used before.

show mpls ldp neighbor
show mpls ldp bindings [network]
show mpls forwarding-table [network]

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