Saturday, 9 October 2010

INE MPLS CoD all done!

I've come to the end of my INE MPLS CoD videos now, all-in-all they were very good!

From knowing basic Frame-mode MPLS (at an ISCW level), I have learned;

  • how LDP works
  • how LDP, the ISPs IGP, and CEF all work together
  • how to run MP-BGP for multiple VRFs
  • how to overlap VRFs and create shared-VRFs between customers
  • how to implement 3 different methods for providing customers with Internet access
  • how to create MPLE Traffic Engineering tunnels
My next step is to run through all of the practical exercises again, run through the MPLS exercises from my INE Vol I CCIE R&S Workbook, and possibly whatever bits and pieces I can find on SafariBooks relating to MPLS.

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