Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Busy period... / Safari Books Online iPad App

Ok, so what with starting a new job next week, this have been very busy, and i've not had much time for studying or blog-writing...

However, I have upgraded my Safari Books subscription (I received an email offering a discount) so I now have full access to all books, and with the iPad App can take 10 books with me wherever I like! Hopefully that'll get lots of use when I start commuting to my new job!

The iPad App is good, however I have noticed on occasion pages will fail to load correctly. Usually, switching from 'print' to 'html' mode and back again does the trick to get things working properly.

I know there were a number of questions when the App was first announced, about how the Offline mode works, seeing as you have to sign in. Thankfully, this isn't an issue. If you open the App without Internet access, you are simply taken to your offline Bookbag.

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

New Job

I can now announce that I've found myself a new job. I'm still going to be in the networking arena, but this time there should be more control over what I'm doing, and much more international travel involved. So much so, that I've not even started yet, and i've got my first business-trip planned. I'll be flying out to Los Angeles on my second day!

My new role will involve more work with VoIP, and incidentally, not Cisco VoIP. So my Cisco certification work will be hold for the time being. I need to allow myself time to get settled to the new job, and will have a lot to learn about the new company's network etc.

Given that I'll be commuting for approximately 1 hour, I'm thinking of purchasing the INE CCSP class-on-demand, as I believe it can be downloaded and used on the commute! Plus Cisco have announced that the CCSP will be changing to CCNP Security next year, so I'll have a target to work towards again.

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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Virtual F5 and Apaches

I have successfully created the network above, all virtually. I'm very impressed, even if I say so myself! This will allow sooo much to be re-created in a test environment, using just a single (albeit powerful) desktop.

Next step will be to expand more on the Apache side of things, as i'd like to learn how to setup an Apache-based Proxy solution.

I'll try and incorporate this into my MPLS lab, and at some point get round to sitting that exam and then move onto the BGP exam! Maybe I need to set myself a target... end of 2010 to get MPLS and BGP complete? Is that setting expectations a little high? Hmm... we'll see.

Virtual F5 up and running

*complete nerdgasm*

Following on from this post on Sunday, I have this evening got my F5 LTM Virtual Edition up and running;

I am very impressed at how quick and easy the whole process was - from starting the download to logging in must have taken 30 minutes maximum, and that allows approx. 25 minutes to download the 250MB file!

Now I just need to get it integrated into my virtual Apaches and virtual Clients, and i'll be away!

Safari To Go has been released on the Apple Store

Woohoo!! I've been waiting for this for some time now!! Just downloaded (took just seconds!) and installed, so I'll have a proper update later!

Ok, so starting up the App and logging in is pretty painless (as it should be!), however there did seem to be some lag when typing in my Username and Password... Which didn't give a very good first impression, but then it isn't a word-processing App, so nothing to worry about.

Once logged in, it took me a while to actually find out where my Bookshelf was (I've got the reduced 10-book subscription), and I had to resort to watching the YouTube video to see where I was going. Appears everything in the App is found under 'My Favourites'. Here you will find your Bookshelf and any other folders you may have created.

Update on how the offline book bag works to follow...

UPDATE: for some strange reason, I can no longer see the App listed in the Store.. I thought it was odd that there were no hits on Google when I searched for the release announcement...

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