Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Busy period... / Safari Books Online iPad App

Ok, so what with starting a new job next week, this have been very busy, and i've not had much time for studying or blog-writing...

However, I have upgraded my Safari Books subscription (I received an email offering a discount) so I now have full access to all books, and with the iPad App can take 10 books with me wherever I like! Hopefully that'll get lots of use when I start commuting to my new job!

The iPad App is good, however I have noticed on occasion pages will fail to load correctly. Usually, switching from 'print' to 'html' mode and back again does the trick to get things working properly.

I know there were a number of questions when the App was first announced, about how the Offline mode works, seeing as you have to sign in. Thankfully, this isn't an issue. If you open the App without Internet access, you are simply taken to your offline Bookbag.

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