Thursday, 11 November 2010

New Job

I can now announce that I've found myself a new job. I'm still going to be in the networking arena, but this time there should be more control over what I'm doing, and much more international travel involved. So much so, that I've not even started yet, and i've got my first business-trip planned. I'll be flying out to Los Angeles on my second day!

My new role will involve more work with VoIP, and incidentally, not Cisco VoIP. So my Cisco certification work will be hold for the time being. I need to allow myself time to get settled to the new job, and will have a lot to learn about the new company's network etc.

Given that I'll be commuting for approximately 1 hour, I'm thinking of purchasing the INE CCSP class-on-demand, as I believe it can be downloaded and used on the commute! Plus Cisco have announced that the CCSP will be changing to CCNP Security next year, so I'll have a target to work towards again.

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