Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Safari To Go has been released on the Apple Store

Woohoo!! I've been waiting for this for some time now!! Just downloaded (took just seconds!) and installed, so I'll have a proper update later!

Ok, so starting up the App and logging in is pretty painless (as it should be!), however there did seem to be some lag when typing in my Username and Password... Which didn't give a very good first impression, but then it isn't a word-processing App, so nothing to worry about.

Once logged in, it took me a while to actually find out where my Bookshelf was (I've got the reduced 10-book subscription), and I had to resort to watching the YouTube video to see where I was going. Appears everything in the App is found under 'My Favourites'. Here you will find your Bookshelf and any other folders you may have created.

Update on how the offline book bag works to follow...

UPDATE: for some strange reason, I can no longer see the App listed in the Store.. I thought it was odd that there were no hits on Google when I searched for the release announcement...

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