Monday, 13 December 2010

New job

The new job is going well! My first week involved flying to Los Angeles to help with an office-move. Nothing too involved from the data point of view, just some new users moving into a new floor at the existing location, and leaving just clear Internet access for those remaining at the old office until next Spring.

But the main purpose of my trip was to shadow the working going on with the voice guys and the Mitel PBX. Primarily, I was there to watch the integration to Microsoft OCS (using a SIP trunk). I've not really had much to do with Mitel PBX's in the past, but it was all simple enough to pick up.

So much so, that on my first day back in London, I was setting up proprietary Mitel IP-to-IP trunk links (what they call XNET) between PBXs in Mumbai and New Delhi! A fun start!

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